I am a vegetarian, but beef is still out

I am a vegetarian, but beef is still out

Today I read a post on The Independent about Bruno Loubet, the Michelin-starred French chef – see that here. I was super pleased to read it as it was a breath of fresh air (sorry – cliché to say I know). For those people who know me, I have been a vegetarian all my life. I am not a ‘preaching’ kind of vegetarian, but a ‘loving’ kind (hippy alert) and by this I mean I love the planet and I like to treat it with respect and I also love my health and my body and, you guessed it, I like to respect it. So I go about my daily life enjoying both of these things and that’s cool.

Let me tell you the single most repetitive question any vegetarian receives –

“Why? Why are you a vegetarian?”

Now of course there are several angles to this question and many are completely innocent. However some times people ask me and I want to ask right back “Why are you a meat eater?” “Why do you eat baby lambs?” “Why do you eat beef?” and maybe most importantly “Why do you ask me, as though I should not be a vegetarian?”

Freedom to be who we want to be is so so important and to do so with as little judgement as possible is a utopian reality I am not sure we will ever reach. Bruno Loubet’s article only backs up for me why I am vegetarian. Its a personal choice but its nice to know that is also a fair choice, fair to the planet that I reside on.

In the same way I do not choose to preach being a vegetarian or judge people for not being, I do not judge or preach anyone for how sustainable their lifestyle is. I just do my little bit and hope that it helps. I am excited by Bruno’s ideas and will definitely be visiting Bruno’s restaurant to support his efforts.


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