Spring Cupcakes; Baking Session for the Soul.

Spring Cupcakes; Baking Session for the Soul.

What a busy week!

❤ I spent the first part up and down the country with work and then the latter close to home making phone calls and booking necessary dentist appointments for my nashers and surveyors for our new house, finalising details for next weeks birthday surprise for Angus – cant wait! Finally, I spent yesterday at one of my favourite venues for a brilliant wedding, I have posted tonnes of pics on instagram if you fancy a peek at my world. The best thing about it all, was making new friends and seeing old friends for dinner, chats and catch ups and spending chill time with my lovely mother.

❤ Angus was also really busy, he headed off to Wales mid-week to give a presentation and was full of nerves before-hand and came back relieved and ecstatic. So we decided to spend our Sunday morning baking some birthday cupcakes for his mum whose birthday it was on Friday and then watch a film before heading out for a birthday lunch at one of our favourite local pubs.

❤ Baking is so twee and relaxing and you get to eat something yum at the end. We were inspired by Easter as yesterday was such a beautiful sunny day and the wedding I was managing had a real Easter Spring feeling.

❤ See below for the recipe and our method.


5 thoughts on “Spring Cupcakes; Baking Session for the Soul.

  1. Love this!

    these look delicious and baking is very therapeutic, I agree! it’s the preparing the cooking, the creating, the smell and of course the TASTE! next time if you’ve had a busy week try baking bread – I’d say this is the most rewarding baking of all 🙂

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