Photo 101 Day Three: Water & Orientation

Photo 101 Day Three: Water & Orientation

“We have different relationships to and stories about water: how it has saved or defeated us.”

Day three and the subject is water. I have a bit of a love hate with water. When I was small I couldn’t learn to swim because if I got water in my ears I would be in agony. I had perforated ear drums. One of these has healed, one has not. I do however love the feeling of water on skin and wouldn’t miss a chance to wade into water especially sea water.

I had a particularly lovely holiday in France last year and our swimming pool at the villa was filled with salt water rather than chlorine. I never want  to get back into a chlorinated pool again if I can ever avoid it!

There are really no natural sources of water near me. If I were honest I would like to capture the water down near the beach. Is it just me or when you look at a photo of a beach, you can hear the noise of the waves rolling in, sometimes crashing into rocks and the edge of the shore?

I chose to capture this stream, because small or big, water flows and acts in much the same way making it a majestic part of our world.

Orientation wise I again chose a portrait view because it captures the flow of the stream. I seem to prefer portrait views over landscape! I love the light reflection at the bottom of the photo as it too like the street shot I took on day two has depth that captures my eye.

I Love Water & Water Loves Me


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